Curso Supervivencia, Orientacion y GPS Northlatitude


Location. Lobos flying club (for the Skydiving) and woodland located near of the Lobos lagoon (for the Survival, Orienteering and Trekking activities) -Buenos Aires province- Argentina.

Type of terrain (for the outdoor practice). Woodland and stream.



PREVIOUS MEETING (Informative and to get registered).

Date to be confirmed shortly. It will take place on Sarmiento 4040 Avenue and Lugones Avenue, at the Pucara XII recreative/sporting center of the Argentine Air Force, located at one block away from the Planetaryium of the Buenos Aires city -Palermo downtown- (Capital Federal). If you want to assist to this previous meeting and want to get registered, you must provide a 50% downpayment of the full price or pay it completely to reserve your place. If you want to attend the Multiadventure and can not assist to thes meeting, you must send me an e-mail to info@northlatitude.com.ar or call me by phone for further information about how to get registered.


Date to be confirmed shortly. To be held at the same place where the previous meeting will take place.


Date to be confirmed shortly. It will take place at the Lobos Flying club (for the skydiving jumps) and wild terrains located near of the Lobos lagoon (for the Survival/others activities) -Buenos Aires province-.

Farewell. Under completion of this event all the participants will receive a certificate of the Multiadventure and then, will be invited to join a farewell barbecue (BBQ) near of the Lobos city (this barbecue is included within the price of the Multiadventure).



u$s 3.200 (this course is to be taught only in English language in view of its extensive technical language and must be paid in argentine pesos according to our local Consumer Protection Law number 24,240).

- One (1) handbook with 140 pages (per participant).
- Classroom for the theoretical that includes Survival, Orienteering and Skydiving equipment.
- Compasses.
- Topographic maps and satellite maps at diverse scales.
- Elements of writing (rulers, conveyors, calculators, etc).
- Topographic maps at real scale and sheets for exercises to be made in the classroom and in the outdoor.
- Natural lands for the practice.
- First Aid kit.
- Personalized assistance by the instructor through the whole activities (theoretical and practice).
- One (1) course certificate -non official- (to be given under completion of the Multiadventure).


It will be on your own but as ussualy happens, there are other participants who may have a vehicle and can give you a ride to the Lobos Flying club, although there is the service offered by minibuses that leave from the Capital Federal right to the same place).


There is a parking car where the theoretical class will take place, where you must pay only $ 30 per day to park your car. For the practice class to be carried in the outdoor, you can park your vehicle inside the Flying club without extra charge.



That the participants adquire an introductory theoretical support in the classroom in order they can carry out some techniques and proceedings in the matter during the outdoor practice to be developed during three days. The idea is to give them the teachings comprised within the Multiadventure program with the activities involved that will begin when boarding an aircraft that will take off and go up to 3,000 mts. height where you all will simulate abandoning it for an emergency and in order to do that, the skydiving instructor and you will jump in tandem Parachute in a fall that will last a few minutes until getting back to earth over a determined area on the ground (area marked with a parachute deployed over the grass). Once everyone together, you will get your backpack along with your Survival Personal Equipment (SPE) and using a compass you will start your orientation by marking some bearings, being in this way, the beginning of a crossing using the Orienteering and Land Navigation techniques to get into the wilderness and begin applying the other techniques. In the course of the day you will learn how to get well oriented with the compass, make map reading and locate the cardinal points on the ground by means the use of natural methods likewise how to move yourself when walking in the nature, ever taking care during the Trekking, how to choose the best way, how to calculate distances as well on the navigation map as on the terrain, among others

The Multiadventure is mostly a Survival practice because you will have to survive during three days with your own survival ration (food) that we will provide at the beginning of the activities. Besides, you will have to take advantage from the wild natural resources because you will need to use them for your own benefit in the sense that they will be used for Shelter construction, Signaling, make Fire in a primitive way, build Stretchers, build Tools, etc, where to do that, the human factor will come first to live together in a group and to make a true work team. During that experience you will survive in view of the lack of food and also, you will need to get water and clean it to make it drinkable, make Fire by using traditional and primitive means, in presence of the lack of comfort to sleep in improvised shelters built in the outdoor, possibly bearing the extremity of the ground with its own climate. Besides, you will learn and apply the importance of the (P.M.A.) Positive Mental Attitude, Survival psychology, etc, situation that turn this Multiadventure into an unique event to give you a training like that, the one we introduce it for the first time in the world of teaching and adventure of Argentina.


To live a unique experience of skydiving with a parachute instructor from an aircraft flying at 3,000 mts. of height and in the fall watch the ground around you at 360°, to get oriented while studying it, all of it with the aim of knowing the wild terrain from the altitude to then, survive during three days through a optimal trainingg that will be of great utility in the case you someday may be involved in a real emergency situation that may take you by surprise in a place and unexpected moment.


Everyone who wish to be trained by us and for that, there is not limit about age, sex, family link, group of friends, religion, if you practice or not on indoor or outdoor sporting activities, etc. Those who can assist are nature lovers, physical education studients, backpackers, mountaineers, trekkers, adventure race runners, bikers, fishermen, trekking and high mountain guides, tourism guides, explorers, researchers, scouts, 4x4 wheels drivers, engineers, geologist, commercial airlines companies, journalists, war correspondent, military personnel from the branches of the Armed Forces, Security Forces, reservist of lyceum, among others.



  • If you under eighteen (18) years old you will need to be authorized by your parents or guardians and for that case, we will provide you with a certificate of authorization in order the can sign it.
  • You must deliver us a medical certificate where a professional consider and sign you are ready to undertake these outdoor activities


Theoretical classroom.
Pen and/or pencil.

Practice on the ground (obligatory).
In the theoretical you will be given a list of elements to be carrid out in the outdoor practice that basically we require you to carry a head lamp, clothing and shoes for the activity, backpack, whistle, gloves, among others.

Instructors staff

Gabriel Esquivel – Director de NORTHLATITUDE (C.A.C.E.N.) - Survival and Orienteering instructor Mountaineer.
Mario "dog" Rodriguez - National and international Skydiving instructor - former National Inspector of Skydiving of the Argentina Air Force and currently, National Inspector of Skydiving at the A.N.A.C. (National Association of Civil Aviation).




    Greetings and thank for your time,

Gabriel Esquivel - Director
National and International Education and Training Argentine Center

Contacts: info@northlatitude.com.ar

Phones (dialing from Argentina):
Line (011) 4487-5141           
Mobile (011) 15-3505-9141

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Curso Supervivencia, Orientacion y GPS Northlatitude