I am Gabriel Esquivel, Director, General Coordinator and Instructor of the courses, I was born and live in Argentine, Buenos Aires city and I welcome you to NORTHLATITUDE C.A.C.E.N. (which in English laguage means Northlaitude Education and Training Argentine Center), aimed for a national and international education where some of the courses as Survival, Orientation and Land Navigation I can teach them intregrally in English language. Our Center is comprised by a staff of instructors and specialistas where each one will give you their expertises in Skydiving, Search and Rescue (SAR), First Aid, Mountaineering, Trekking, Rappel, Jiujitsu and a combination of activities named Multiaventura.

NORTHLATITUDE began its activities on January 5, 2005 and we are focused on the course teaching which it started as a my own personal project which I have started in the year 2003 being that back in the year 1998 I had commenced my first steps in the mountaineering and trekking practice aimed for middle and high mountain in a consecutive way, having travelled through different natural environments like mountains and glaciers located in some provinces of Argentine as the Patagonia of our country where I met most of its best places. Besides, I am not only took the good example made by my second cousin by my mother side who used to be an argentine skydiver who had won many national and international skydiving championships who also was one of the worldwide champions of high altitude skydiving along his fellows in 1974, from who I took his achievements as sport reference and also from other comrades who were specialized in wilderness survival, orientation, skydiving, rescuers, mountaineers, divers, etc, and that by means of the teaching and the adventure I and we share to give you our best training.

Throughout the years along with the instructors and specialists staff I´ve been leading, we not only have grown up gradually through the time if not, we have been chosen by course participants from diverse provinces of our country as well as from other countries from South America, Central America, North America and Europe, among them, groups comprised by schools, scouts, companies, civilian and military Institutions, international consultant, among others. Besides, I was chosen by the DISCOVERY CHANNEL international channel as wilderness survival instructor in Argentine to evaluate in survival tests carried out on ground and water to local participants who later on competed in the Discovery Channel DESAFIO (CHALLENGE) 2015 reality held in Mexico as well as I also was chosen a safety assistant for woodland crossing for the WHAT ON EARTH 2017 Discovery Channel program and for that, I have been internationally recognized as survival instructor. Lately I was chosen in Argentine by an Austrian film Director to participate as actor in the “Parabellum” film whose plot is related with a survival situation in an eventual end of the world, movie which was presented in 40 international festivals.

That´s way I invite you to feel comfortable with us and get ready to learn in and from the nature. My deepest gratitude to the countless students who chose to train with us and for those who will come because we think and work as a true team in order to reach our objectives.


Curso Supervivencia, Orientacion y GPS Northlatitude