NORTHLATITUDE (C.A.C.E.N.) ® is the national and international Northlatitude Education and Training Argentine Center based in the Buenos Aires city where we teach courses and seminars that also, we offer to teach them in English language for foreigners, being the unique in our country and in South America due to its courses and activities system. It has been conceived, designed and founded by Gabriel F. Esquivel who is military (ret) from the Argentine Air Force who after of being for over 21 years on active duty in that service branch, he taught his first course on January, 2005. Our staff is composed by certified instructors which some of them are retired military members and others like former special forces of the Air Force who participated in some U.N. (United Nations) peacekeeping missions abroad, professionals in wilderness Survival, Orienteering, Land Navigation and GPS, Mountaineering, Skydiving, First Aid, Search and Rescue (SAR), Diving and Jujitsu. All of them have the experience and strength of having been trained in recognized institutions with national and international prestige. More than nine years teaching courses in Argentina, nine courses given in diverse argentine provinces and one in Chile, our neighbor country, courses and talks given in both languages in natural areas like woodland, jungle and mountains, having trained to date to students from Argentina and foreigners from South America, Central America, North America and Europe which some of them who belong to the Armed Forces and Security Forces of our country and abroad. With national and international institutions that chose us. Having participated in diverse newspapers and magazines, in some TV programs, on diverse websites and Gabriel Esquivel having been invited by two Austrian filmmakers to participate in an Argentine movie regarding to the Survival life, show our career path and reliability given through our professional services. Likewise, beyond our professionalism and seriousness, you will experience in us our main values of education, respect, honesty and dedication through our teaching.
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